There are three section within the “Alarms” section of the Yacht Sentinel.
First the “Alarms ON/OFF” section. Here you are able to easily turn on and off any alarms for your boat. Any alarms that 
you turn either on or off are saved so that the next time you visit the page; you will automatically see what alarms you
left on previously without the need of requesting a parameter.

The “Alarm Settings” section allows you to customise your alarms, here you can change the name of your alarms, for 
example the device comes pre-set with alarm names such as PIRALARM, Hatch Alarm etc. however, you are able to
change these to whatever you need. Further down, you will see “Alarm Radius”, and “Temperature setting”.
By changing the pre-set values and turning the allocated alarm on from the Alarms ON/OFF section you are
able to receive alerts of the values if they exceed the amount your entered. For example, if you entered in 20 as the 
radius and your boat moves 20 meters out of the zone of when you turned on the Geo-fencing alarm, it will trigger an
alarm to alert you.

Finally, in the “Output Settings”, here you are able to connect two outputs to any of your alarms. For example, if alarm 
4 is connected to the Hatch Sensor, you can set a siren to output 1 or 2 which would enable you to turn on the siren if 
the hatch sensor is triggered by selecting alarm 4.