Step 1:

Choose “My Account”

Now enter in you’re the SIM Card number of the SIM inside your device within the “Boat Number” section.
If this is a new device or a device of which you have never changed the password to, enter “4444” as the password. This password is set as a default password when you purchase your device.
Now enter in your mobile number in “Mobile 1”, by doing this if any alarms are turned on you will receive SMS alerts on that number. If you have more than one number for which you want to receive SMS alerts to enter them in “Mobile 2” and “Mobile 3”.
The “MMSI” and “Boat Name” section is optional and is not needed to use the device, however if you have this information you can enter it and store it in your device.

Step 2:

From the main page now choose “Boat Status”, this page allows you to check the status of your boat.

First click “Request status”, by doing so you will receive a SMS from the device prompting you with details about your device. Copy the SMS and paste it into the text box below “Paste the Status SMS Below”, by doing so you update the application with your boats information into a readable format.